Warnambool Hospital plans answer community needs

Western District MP James Purcell says the refurbishment of the Warrnambool Hospital will be the largest project of its kind in regional Victoria, bringing state-of-the-art facilities, jobs and economic benefits to the region.

The South West Healthcare Community Advisory Committee, led by Mr Purcell and incorporating board member Russell Worland and community advocates Peter Headen and Vicki Jellie, conducted intensive community consultation to ensure all community needs were covered in the plans.

"I am thrilled with the calibre of the plans, which really capture the essence of what is needed in this busy regional community,” Mr Purcell said.

"Community feedback has shaped the South West Healthcare refurbishment master plans and all the revisions that have been made have taken into account feedback from the consultation process led by the Advisory Committee.

“This redevelopment will be one of the largest seen in regional Victoria and certainly the largest for south-west Victoria.

“Our critical objective is to get bipartisan support for this development and the release of these plans now is perfect timing to get both parties to commit as part of their election campaigns. This is a prime time to secure funding to make this project a reality.”

In addition to the upgraded medical facilities a key feature of the refurbishment is more car parking, which was overwhelmingly called for in the consultation process.

"The plans include a much needed underground car park of 133 spaces below the new clinical block, allowing all weather access."

Mr Purcell and the committee would continue to progress the project with the South West Healthcare executive team.

"Our job now is to get new costings on the project and prepare the case for Government funding of the construction.

"I am delighted with the plans and look forward to the community’s response. We will make sure they are distributed far and wide for community feedback, and look forward to welcome these much needed improvements in the near future.

“We are currently finalising locations for display of the plans to ensure as many people as possible are able to provide feedback.”