VRET key to jobs: Purcell

A LIBERAL government will slaughter jobs in south-west Victoria following local Member Roma Britnell’s revelation that she does not believe the VRET generates jobs, says Member for Western Victoria James Purcell.

Leading business people and Mr Purcell have joined the chorus of locals up in arms about how out of touch the party is with south-west Victoria’s economic and employment base.

“A Liberal Government will cost Portland, Warrnambool and surrounds thousands of jobs if they are elected and how on earth the local member thinks this is acceptable I have no idea,” Mr Purcell said. 

“It was my vote that passed the VRET legislation and this was only after considerable work with Keppel Prince’s Steve Garner to ensure there were components designed to economically benefit south-west Victoria, such as local content.

“I really have no idea how a local member can think this is acceptable – it’s our job as politicians to protect jobs, create more and help our communities, not heap more challenges on top of them.”

Mr Purcell said the issue was much bigger than Portland.

“If the Liberals wreck industry in Portland it will become a ghost town.

“Wipe out the south-west’s second largest town and the repercussions will be felt in Warrnambool, Port Fairy and further.

“What will happen to house prices across our region?

“It is going to be a hard sell to get businesses and further industry to invest in our region when one of our major centres has collapsed.”