Update: Managing commercial horses on south west beaches

The Andrews Government has announced its approach to managing commercial horse training on beaches in the state’s far south-west.

Belfast Coast

The approach includes the introduction of a licencing system, a refined compliance regime and the building of horse training facilities. In the longer term, a Belfast Coastal Reserve Coastal Management Plan will be developed and is expected to be finalised by mid-2018.

A horse training licence will be issued to the Warrnambool Racing Club and will include:

  • Restriction of the number of horses on beaches (prescribed times and seasons);
  • Restriction of the beaches where horses are permitted;
  • Cultural heritage protection; and
  • Protection of known Hooded Plover site.

To meet growing demand, Warrnambool Racing Club will receive $600,000 from the Government’s Victorian Racing Industry Fund towards a new $1.2 million sand fibre training track.



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