Tower Hill entrance

Mr  PURCELL  (Western Victoria) (12:28:11) — My constituency question is to the Minister for Roads and Road Safety. The entrance to one of south-west Victoria's best and most treasured national parks is a small gateway on a very busy stretch of the Princes Highway between Warrnambool and Port Fairy. Almost every day I see cars almost running up the back of others slowing down to look for this entrance, which is very disguised, to try to make the turn into Tower Hill. Local residents have long campaigned to have improvements made to the entrance, with many suggestions over the years of how to manage access. The latest, quite sensible, suggestion is to move the entrance completely off the highway and relocate it to Lake View Road, either converting the existing entrance to an exit or making a new entrance that runs parallel to the current exit.

I therefore ask the minister: are there any plans to make this improvement to safety for drivers entering Tower Hill?




Question asked by:       Mr  Purcell

Directed to:                  Minister for Roads and Road Safety

Asked on:                    23 May 2018


In recent years, VicRoads has worked closely with Parks Victoria and Regional Development Victoria who are putting forward a business case for improvements to the Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve. These improvements include consideration of a number of options to upgrade access to the reserve.

The Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve is managed by Parks Victoria. Any proposal to relocate the entrance from the Princes Highway to Lake View Road is a matter for Parks Victoria.