Submissions due on VicRoads mess

Western Victoria MP James Purcell is urging all country Victorians to get behind his call for a separate Country Roads Authority to fix up the mess VicRoads has made of roads in regional Victoria.

Mr Purcell called for the inquiry into VicRoads mismanagement of country roads in November, and public submissions are due on 15 January 2018.

"It's vital that our rural communities have their say on this issue. This inquiry may be our best chance to flood the committee with first hand information on how dire the road situation is in regional Victoria," Mr Purcell said.

"In south-west Victoria it is particularly dire. VicRoads has admitted that these are the worst roads in the state, yet they continue to provide bandaid solutions in the bush while fussing over major roading infrastructure solutions in Melbourne."

The Law Reform, Road and Community Safety Committee have been charged with reviewing:

  1. the effectiveness of VicRoads in managing country roads;
  2. the existing funding model and its lack of effectiveness for country Victoria;
  3. the lack of consultation with regional communities and their subsequent lack of input into prioritising which roads are in dire need of repair; and
  4. the option of dismantling VicRoads and creating a specific Country Roads organisation and separate Metropolitan Roads body.

Mr Purcell has run a number of campaigns over the last 12 months to bring attention to the state of roads in the region.

"We have petitioned to upgrade the Princes Highway to a Road of National Significance to attract Federal funding on this main arterial, we even went to the public to build a list of the worst roads in south-west Victoria in a bid to help VicRoads prioritise their repairs," he said.

He said VicRoads lack of interest and lack of consultation within the community was insulting.

"By raising this motion I've given regional Victorians an opportunity to express their frustration and fear over the state of our roads. A great outcome would be an influx of submissions describing every unattended pothole and near miss and I encourage everyone to have their say."

To read Mr Purcell's full Parliamentary motion calling for the inquiry visit:

Information on how to make a submission to the inquiry can be found at: