State assistance to finish War Memorial


Mr PURCELL (Western Victoria) — My constituency question is also to the Treasurer. An inspired project to be built in Warrnambool is an interactive war memorial which was unveiled in August last year and was met with great enthusiasm. This is a unique memorial in regional Australia. It will list 12 000 local servicemen and servicewomen and can be updated to recognise current and future war heroes from our region. The expected cost is $330 000 and it was initially backed by a combination of funding from the RSL, the federal government, the state government, the Moyne shire and the Warrnambool City Council. The organising committee has had a major setback with the Warrnambool City Council now withdrawing their contribution of $25 000, citing rate capping as limiting the funds available for such one-off projects. My question is: will the Treasurer come to the rescue of this hardworking RSL branch to allow this project to be completed?