PRIORITY PROJECT - South West Healthcare - $100 million

warrnambool-base-hospitalPRIORITY PROJECT 1

South West Healthcare – Stage 2

Funding request: $100 million

South West Healthcare is a key medial provider in south-west Victoria. It has a catchment area of 110,000 people (with 27,000 emergency department patients in 2014/15), is the designated trauma centre for south-west Victoria, employs 1400 people and has 192 acute beds, 20 mental health beds and 38 aged care beds.

Stage one of its expansion has been completed and works on the $30m cancer care centre is due for completion in August this year.

Stage two will include:

  • Additional operating theatre capacity;
  • Additional emergency department capacity;
  • Refurbishment of multi-storey block and Short Stay Unit (ward 5)
  • Refurbishment of diagnostic block (pathology and radiology).

Current deficiencies include:

Emergency department:

  • No MAPU (Medical Assessment and Planning Unit);
  • No negative pressure room (isolation of infectious patients);
  • Limited paediatric treatment facilities;
  • Paucity of waiting room space (including provision of a play room for children);
  • Triage area unable to incorporate an assessment area to improve patient flow;
  • Resuscitation area is inadequate in function, size and equipment;
  • No education facilities/lack of office space;
  • Progression to electronic medical records impeded by a lack of IT infrastructure and space;
  • Insufficient treatment rooms to accommodate the growth in subregional role;
  • Inability to develop a fast track area for us by Nurse Practitioners and GPs.

Operating theatre suite:

  • Insufficient number of operating theatres (currently 3 plus endoscopy theatre);
  • No expansionary capacity (all lists fully allocated);
  • Theatre number 3 and endoscopy theatre do not meet current Department of Health Building Standards;
  • Recovery room is too small for current patient throughput;
  • Staff amenities (changerooms etc) inadequate;
  • CSSD is too small, creating inefficient work flows;
  • Inadequate storage capacity throughout complex;
  • No dedicated area for student teaching (both nursing and medical).