Sign the petition for better water in the south west

Western Victoria MP James Purcell is urging locals to get behind his push for better tasting drinking water in the south west towns of Portland, Heywood and Port Fairy.

The townships of Portland, Heywood and Port Fairy use bore water for their town water supply, and while the water may meet safety standards, it certainly doesn't meet taste standards according to Mr Purcell.

"These communities have been putting up with dreadful water for decades, and even though it is safe to drink, it's certainly not pleasant," he said.

Mr Purcell launched a petition to improve drinking water last year using the state governments new online petition system, but has been surprised at the poor response.

"Everyone I meet complains about the water, but I wonder if they realise that its not like the weather. As a community we can do something about this."

"Bore water in Portland, Heywood and Port Fairy is practically undrinkable," he said.

Mr Purcell said the local water authority, Wannon Water had received many complaints over the years, even attempting to push the costs of better filtration back on consumers at one point.

"It's time something was done to improve the taste of water in our communities," he said.

A printed version of the petition can be signed at Mr Purcell's offices at 32 Bank Street, Port Fairy. The office is open weekdays between 9am and 5pm.

Locals who want to take up the south west water cause can circulate copies of the petition among their groups* by picking up blank petition pages from the office or download a PDF copy of the petition form here.

The e-petition is also available on line here

*Completed forms must be returned to Mr Purcell's office at 32 Bank Street, Port Fairy by 15 May 2018.