Question: SES Funding

MR PURCELL: My question is also to the Minister for Small Business, Innovation and Trade in his capacity as representing the Minister for Emergency Services. Corangamite Shire Council has recently presented its draft budget showing that the funding for the State Emergency Service (SES) will be halved in the coming year and completely removed in the following year. The council does not, for instance, contribute to the Country Fire Authority (CFA), and it has asked the question as to why the SES costs cannot also be covered by a revised fire services levy. Therefore I ask the minister: will the government revise the fire services levy to become an emergency services levy that incorporates both CFA funding and SES funding?

My supplementary question goes to the fact that if the fire services levy cannot be changed, what action will be taken to make sure that the SES does remain and is funded by government?


Questions referred to the Treasurer and Minister for Emergency Services for response.