Purcell seeks community opinions on assisted dying

Western District MP James Purcell will seek public opinion on the Voluntary Assisted Dying legislation before he makes his final decision on how to vote.

The bill passed the Lower House of the Victorian state government after a marathon sitting last week and will be debated in the Upper House in coming weeks.

"The way declared voting currently sits it seems likely that my vote will decide whether Voluntary Assisted Dying becomes law," Mr Purcell said.

"This is a major decision - a life changing decision - and while I support the bill personally, I think its important that I represent my community in this vote and take into consideration both sides of this incredibly sensitive issue before casting my vote."

This Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill is the result of more than two years of consultation and engagement with Members of Parliament, the community, health, palliative care and legal sectors. With 68 safeguards, the framework is the safest, and most conservative, in the world, and promises to provide Victorians with a terminal illness genuine choice at the end of their lives.

"I have started consulting with local constituents and medical professionals regarding this legislation and am now asking the broader community if they believe people who are terminally ill should have the right to die.

"If you have an opinion please phone my office on 5568 2929 or email me at james.purcell@parliament.vic.gov.au. Your opinion matters and will help shape my vote.”