Purcell plays party politics to win funding

Western District MP James Purcell is thrilled to see his hard work 'playing the political game' has paid off, with funding for the  Warrnambool Special Development School announced today.

With less than 12 months until the next election, Mr Purcell says that playing party politicians at their own game is proving to be the best way to get results for south-west Victoria.

"I am thrilled that our hard work in getting the Special WSDS  funded has succeeded. This success shows that our commitment to get the Liberals to promise funding and then pressuring Labor to follow suite works," says Mr Purcell.

"I believe it's my job is to get both Liberal and Labor to commit funding to important projects in the south-west and I'll continue to pressure both parties for financial commitment, not just support."

Mr Purcell says his next priority will be securing commitments from both parties to fund Warrnambool's planned new drug rehabilitation centre.

"I note that local Liberal MPs Simon Ramsay and Roma Britnell have both pledged their "support" for The Lighthouse project, however at this point neither have committed to funding the project.

"Words are cheap and "supporting" a project isn't enough.

"Our safe-seat Liberal party representatives need to make promises about projects now, not wait for election campaigns next year. We can then work together and use this commitment to pressure Labor to provide funding in the May budget," he says.

Mr Purcell has called on all south-west residents to pressure their Liberal Party representatives to use their influence to obtain funding commitments for relevant projects.

"I can use my position to pressure the Government to do the same - ensuring no matter who wins government at the next election our region wins too."