Purcell joins farmers in welcoming fracking ban

Fracking ban welcomed by James Purcell MPWestern Victoria MP James Purcell has welcomed legislation introduced this week to permanently ban fracking in Victoria.

The legislation was introduced to Parliament by the Andrews Government yesterday and would see a permanent ban on unconventional gas exploration and extraction.

Mr Purcell - who was instrumental in securing this ban - said regional communities were thrilled the Andrews Labor Government had announced the permanent ban.

"We have always been against messing with our environment in this way," said Mr Purcell.

Mr Purcell has often voiced concerns about fracking in Parliament on behalf of the farming community.

"There's no science that guarantees the mess made by this kind of mining won't endanger our agricultural assets and in my mind there's no point pursing even exploration for it."

Mr Purcell said the decision was common sense and a relief for all farmers who have been limping along with the uncertainty of the moratorium for too long, with mining companies waiting to pounce.

This news comes after the 2015 Parliamentary Inquiry into Onshore Unconventional gas in Victoria, where the majority of the 1600 submissions received were against fracking.

"I commend the grassroots campaign that pushed to make this ban a reality. This is certainly the result of people power."

Victoria has had a moratorium on fracking since 2012 and the ban was extended in 2014 to cover all forms on onshore gas exploration and extraction.

If this legislation is supported it will extend the ban of onshore unconventional gas exploration through to 30 June 2020.