Purcell calls for a permanent ban on fracking


4 November 2015

CROSSBENCH MP James Purcell has come out in support of Labor MP Shaun Leane’s calls for a permanent ban on fracking.

Mr Purcell has openly condemned fracking, saying it had the potential to decimate our agriculture industry and permanently damage our underground water supply.

“We have always been vehemently opposed to fracking of any type and believe a permanent ban is far overdue,” Mr Purcell said.

“We publicly support Labor MP Shaun Leane’s calls for a permanent ban and urge the government to turn his suggestions into reality.

“It is time for action.”

Mr Purcell said the by-elections were over and it was time to take politics out of the debate.

“Our community must be able to have their say and the legal right to refuse entry of gas companies onto their land.

“A temporary ban is a weak excuse for not making a permanent decision.

“I’m sure we’re all aware of the tragic suicide of anti GSC campaigner George Bender recently – the government needs to take action to support our rural communities.”

Mr Purcell said a company in which Gina Rinehart is the major shareholder had secured the exploration rights to decimate south-west Victoria’s underground coal seam to extract gas.

“The company, Lakes Oil NL, has acquired exploration permits PEP 167 and PEP 175, which effectively gives it the right to drill for gas across south-west Victoria between Portland and Warrnambool, up to near Hamilton.

“Coal seam gas exploration is fraught with danger and has devastated an underground water supply in NSW, with the EPA finding the exploration had contaminated an aquifer with uranium levels 20 times higher than safe drinking water guidelines.”