Purcell announces $330,000 funding for harbour study

Plans to enclose the Warrnambool Harbour came a step closer today as Western District MP James Purcell announced $330,000 funding for a study to support the project.

The funding will be used to prepare a coastal processes study – to better understand how coastal erosion can be mitigated and managed – and the development of a preliminary business case and economic study framework for any future investment in the Warrnambool Harbour.

"This is a significant study, which will support the proposed future development of the Harbour, but also benefit the whole coastal area as it will create a strong understanding of the effects of erosion and ways to manage this issue," said Mr Purcell.

“I am usually hesitant to fund extensive studies, but I think this project is a perfect example of the necessity of further research. Mother Nature can be a fickle beast and it is vital we understand the implications of any alterations to the foreshore area before decisions are made.”

Warrnambool City Council has recently released and adopted a Warrnambool Harbour Master Plan, and this funding will support that process and provide valuable up-to-date information for ongoing management.

The last sand study on the harbour was completed in 2008 and is now out of date. This funding will allow for a significant new study that will help progress the planning for enclosing the harbour. 

"This sort of funding is moving our region forward, bringing jobs and taking us a step closer to improved infrastructure and opportunities," he said.

"Once the study is complete we can make an educated decision on the best option for the Warrnambool harbour moving forward."