PRIORITY PROJECT - Saving Warrnambool's tertiary campus

deakin-warrnambool-campusDeakin University has announced it is not viable to continue operating its Warrnambool campus.

We have been campaigning for funding to secure Federation University as an operator of the Warrnambool campus. The timing is critical as the Federal Government will soon go into caretaker mode prior to the July 2 election.

We need an immediate cash injection of $15 million from the Federal Government to rescue the Warrnambool university campus. Without this funding it will close.

In May the Federal Government will go into caretaker mode, and our Federal politicians will go into campaign mode, in preparation for the election proposed for 2 July.

If the Government doesn't commit funds for a Warrnambool campus before this happens then there will be no funding announcement until at least July. We may then be starting the process again with a new Government.

Course announcements and funding rounds for next year happen this month. Without some guarantees we just don't know if we'll have a University campus in Warrnambool next year. We can be sure that there will be limited courses on offer if we don't ensure a transition from Deakin to Federation management.

The people of south-west Victoria need to demand a Federal funding solution now.

Write to your local member Dan Tehan at

Write to the Minister of Education, the Hon. Simon Birmingham

We're doing all we can at this end - but we need your help to get this over the line.