PRIORITY PROJECT - Improving our year 12 attainment rates

bigstock-Handpainted-Handprints-Of-Kids-3372506PRIORITY PROJECT: Improving our year 12 attainment rates

Western Victoria has the lowest year 12 attainment rate of all Victoria’s regions and one of Australia’s highest youth unemployment rates. This is a huge concern to our regio, and we all understand how critical it is that proactive action is taken to rectify the situation.

We are currently conducting research, which we expect to be completed next month, titled Youth unemployment and low year 12 attainment rates in south-west Victoria - the factors impacting the aspirations of the area's youth. We are hopeful this will identify some of the key issues around aspirations and what we can as a community and as a government to support our young people to gain their Year 12.

We are actively supporting Beyond the Bell, the Great South Coast's Education Attainment Project and one of its highest priorities.

Beyond the Bell is an ambitious, ground breaking initiative that seeks to lead a cultural shift in the way communities and service providers work to support our young people. Ultimately the project aims to improve young people's chances of attaining Year 12 or equivalent and better prepare them for a successful transition to the next phase of their lives.

You can read more about this inspiring plan here.