Petition to improve "undrinkable" bore water 

Western District MP James Purcell has called on the government to improve the taste and quality of bore water in south-west communities.

The townships of Portland, Heywood and Port Fairy use bore water for their town water supply, and while the water may meet safety standards, it certainly doesn't meet taste standards according to Mr Purcell.

"These communities have been putting up with dreadful water for a long time, decades, and even though it is safe to drink, it's certainly not pleasant," he said.

The Premier, many ministers and over 300 locals attended the Regional Partnership meeting in Portland last week. Mr Purcell said he was  amazed at the number of cups of tea that were left after the break practically full.

"When I tried a cup of tea I could see that the Portland town water is the problem. Bore water in Portland, Heywood and Port Fairy is practically undrinkable.

"The local water authority, Wannon Water, has received many complaints over the years - even attempting to push the costs of better filtration back on consumers - and it's time something was done," he said.

A petition to improve the quality and taste of water in these communities has been created in an attempt to bring decades of bad tea to an end. Please sign it at: