Make Tower Hill a National Park

A community petition to have Tower Hill returned to National Park status has the support of Western District MP James Purcell, who will present the petition to Parliament in September.

A Koroit community group has instigated the petition, which asks the Government to change the status of Tower Hill to a National Park so it can receive the funding and support it deserves, improve tourism, education of its geology and appreciation of its flora and fauna.

"I have often called on the Government to address concerns over the ongoing maintenance of Tower Hill and most importantly, safe vehicle access to the reserve,” Mr Purcell said.

“I am proud to support this community initiative to drive change for one of Victoria's greatest natural attractions and look forward to seeing improvements at Tower Hill.”

Tower Hill is Australia’s largest dormant volcano and one of the largest of its kind on earth. It was declared a National Park in 1892, but after years of degradation from clearing, over grazing and quarrying it was classified as a Game Reserve in 1961.

This classification remains in spite of years of planting to revegetate the grounds plus construction of a visitor centre designed by Robyn Boyd and run by the Worn Gundidj Aboriginal Cooperative.

Visitors to Tower Hill have increased to more than 200,000 annually, with over 4000 of these visitors participating in guided activities run by Worn Gundidj rangers.

"I urge community members to support this petition and look forwarding to presenting it to the Legislative Council in September," Mr Purcell said.

The petition closes on 16 September 2018.

An e-petition can be signed online at

Paper versions of the same petition are available for signing at Mr Purcell's electorate office, 32 Bank Street, Port Fairy.