PETITION CLOSED: Killarney Beach Access

Racehorses have long used the beaches of south-west Victoria for training. With a ban in place at Warrnambool and moves afoot for a ban at Killarney, there are plans to allow horses on Port Fairy's popular East Beach. This is NOT the answer. Hundreds of tourists and hundreds of racehorses sharing the same stretch of sand in one of Australia's most popular tourism destinations is a recipe for disaster.

A simple solution is to allow horses to use the water of Warrnambool's Lady Bay at set times (excluding the current shut down period) and a designated walkway to cater for other beach users. At Killarney a walkway should be built to protect the plovers but allow beach access for horses, with a shut down period during the major tourism season. This is the most logical way to support our racing industry and cater for beach users.  



The Petition of certain citizens of the State of Victoria draws to the attention of the Legislative Council that:

Racehorses need beach access but Port Fairy's East  Beach is not the right location. Killarney Beach should be open to horses throughout the year, excluding the peak tourism periods of December 26- January 31. 

We call on the Legislative Council to intervene in this situation and legislate that Killarney Beach remain open to racehorses between February 1 and December 25 every year.

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