Heywood High School reunion

MR PURCELL (Western Victoria) — I am pleased to rise today to acknowledge the Heywood community of just 1400 people and also the reunion of what was the Heywood High School, which I am proud to have attended for my secondary education. The school reunion last weekend was attended by 300 former students who reminisced about their past experiences and talked of their current and, hopefully, future experiences.

I acknowledge the work of the volunteer committee whose members put many hours of work into organising the event. It was pleasing to listen to the teachers reminisce about the school's history and to hear how they controlled behaviour in the schoolyard in those days. It was interesting also to hear how they raised money, which was through events that included fight nights and rodeos, which would be unheard of today.

It was a big day for Heywood, as the Heywood football club won the grand final in the South West District Football Netball League, defeating Tyrendarra. So it was a big day in Heywood for one and all.