Exploring community power for Portland

In the last budget we were fortunate to secure $500,000 to explore options to support Alcoa in Portland.

We are pleased to report that much of our investigations since the budget have revealed there is a great deal of work being done by Alcoa and the government to support Alcoa’s long-term operations.

In light of this the Portland Energy Committee, which I lead, has decided to work towards a community energy project for Portland which the aim of providing low-cost or free power for Portland residents.

Work on this is still in the very early stages and we will keep you informed as the process develops.

Other members of the committee include Keppel Prince General Manager Steve Garner, Glenelg Shire CEO Greg Burgoyne, Glenelg Shire Mayor Anita Rank and Alcoa’s Portland Plant Manager Peter Chellis.



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