Country roads a death trap


7 September 2017

Western Victoria MP James Purcell has again pleaded with the Government to improve the conditions of country roads following a recent spate of motorcycle accidents in the region.

In Parliament yesterday Mr Purcell asked the Minister for Roads and Road safety to introduce new safety measures or, at least, improve the quality of the roads.

"Country Victoria is becoming a killing field for motorbike riders. We see increasing reports of accidents involving motorbikes on roads in my region. The chances of being killed while riding a motorbike are 18 times greater than while driving a car," he said.

"Thanks to a lack of repairs by VicRoads, our country roads are a maze of potholes and a deathtrap for motorists and motorbike riders."

Mr Purcell noted measures employed in other states and overseas, including:

  • making it compulsory to always have headlights on, which it is in Europe but not in Australia;
    better road conditions;
  • mandatory training on the open road;
  • making it compulsory to wear protective clothing such as gloves and jackets but not jeans and jumpers; and
  • a review of open-faced helmets.

"I will continue to push for improvements to the road conditions in Western Victoria. This is an issue that will not go away," he said.