Constituency Question: Myamyn-Macarthur Road

roads-facebookpostMr PURCELL (Western Victoria) — My constituency question is addressed to the Minister for Roads and Road Safety. In south-west Victoria our roads are a disgrace. They are pothole-ridden and in constant need of upgrade. It is very disappointing in that it seems that VicRoads way of dealing with this is to put up speed restriction signs. VicRoads has identified that roads in western Victoria are below standard and it will need $220 million to bring them up to the standard of other roads. For my constituents this is simply not acceptable. When the 140-turbine Macarthur wind farm was built one of the major issues presented by ratepayers was the damage to the road network. Constituents are still asking when the Myamyn-Macarthur Road will be upgraded to an acceptable standard. I ask the roads minister: when will this occur?