Brauer college buildings under threat

Mr  PURCELL  (Western Victoria) (14:34:35) — My question is for Minister Tierney representing the Minister for Education. In 2016 Brauer College in Warrnambool received funding of $4 million to refurbish existing facilities. Later they were informed that the refurbishment would also include the demolition of a number of existing non-related buildings. The school council and parents have been very active in providing at their own cost facilities for students that are now earmarked for demolition. They include a wellbeing hub, which also contains a doctors in schools program; a table tennis room; and a common room for senior students. The buildings are in daily use by the school, and it seems ridiculous that these are now being earmarked for demolishing. The parents association are willing to fully maintain these buildings at no cost to the education department. My question is: will the minister review the decision to demolish these buildings?

Ms TIERNEY (Minister for Training and Skills) (14:35:38) — I thank the member for his question. This is an issue that is incredibly important to Brauer College, but to Warrnambool as well because I do remember when those allocations were first made in 2016 leading up to that budget. I think it was $4 million for Brauer and $4.6 million for Warrnambool secondary. I think Jane Boyle was the principal of Brauer at the time. There was a lot of excitement around it, and I am quite familiar with the buildings that you have just described. I will refer the matter to the minister for a more detailed response in respect to the proposed demolition of certain buildings. I am not quite sure whether this is the demolition of buildings to make way for new buildings or not, but I will seek clarification on that.

Mr PURCELL (Western Victoria) (14:36:38) — No, these are non-related buildings in a separate part of the education facility in Brauer. In Brauer the school is actually growing again, and the numbers are increasing from 65 in year 7 in 2016 and now it is 167 in year 7. With the increase in the numbers it could only be a short period of time before the space entitlements require the buildings that are going to be demolished. I ask: will the minister review the latest enrollment forecast for Brauer and the impact that this will have on future years of teaching and space requirements?

Ms TIERNEY (Minister for Training and Skills) (14:37:21) — The member raises an important issue about change to the nature of the enrollment data. I will refer that to the minister and ask that the enrollment data be factored into his considerations. Thank you.