Bandari Project

Mr  PURCELL  (Western Victoria) — It gives me great pleasure to rise today to recognise a wonderful community project between my home town of Port Fairy and a small village in Tanzania. Volunteers organised by Seif Sakate, from Tanzania, and his wife, Catherine Ryan, from Port Fairy, go over twice a year to work in Seif's village in Tanzania. The project is called the Bandari Project and was founded in 2014 by Seif and Catherine. The name Bandari means port in Swahili, and this made the connection with Port Fairy.

The Bandari Project is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to provide a quality education to disadvantaged children in the village where Seif was born and raised. The main focus is to recruit children who come from poor families that cannot afford a good education and offer a safe and engaging learning experience. So far a kindergarten, a second classroom, a toilet block, a chook shed, a vegetable plot with water tank, a playground and a slab for a third building have been built.

In times when we see charities syphoning off most of the money donated to them, this grassroots project in Tanzania gives us pride in our charitable community. Well done, Seif and Catherine.