Adjournment: Western Victoria Roads

Mr PURCELL (Western Victoria) — My adjournment matter tonight is for the Minister for Roads and Road Safety. The roads in western Victoria are, according to VicRoads's own figures, the worst in the state, and it would take somewhere in the order of $220 million to bring them up to the condition of those in the rest of the state. The issue that I raise tonight, though, is the effect that this is having on businesses and, in particular, three instances where the road issues have caused the deterioration of businesses.

The first is in Corangamite, where the council has actually closed access to a number of roads in the municipality because of their condition, which means that they cannot get milk tankers down these roads now. The milk tankers are forced to go in other directions, or smaller trucks have to be used to collect the milk from the farms. That is, in Corangamite in the eastern part of south-western Victoria.

The second instance is in Hamilton, where the Hamilton-based Trotters Coaches, which is the biggest coach company in the Hamilton area, has said the road conditions in the area are costing the company in the order of $200 000 a year. The director, Des Trotter, described the roads as a total disgrace. He said that in his 38 years of being in the industry the roads are in the worst condition they have ever been in. He said he spends more than $5000 per month repairing each coach, and he has 50 coaches in his fleet. He said:

It's horrific, it just comes off our bottom line.

The third instance, in Portland — and as I said, these are spread right out between Camperdown, Hamilton and Portland — comes from the mayor of Glenelg shire, Max Oberlander. He said, according to one report, that:

… the Portland ring road, the main route to the city's port, may have to be shut in the next few months due to its deteriorating condition.

He said closing the road would bring industry to a halt and could put 2000 people out of work.

'The roads are getting worse by the day', he said.

Cr Oberlander said roads were in such a bad state they were causing damage to trucks and … vehicles.

I urge the Minister for Roads and Road Safety to actually drive to south-western Victoria and take a ride in a milk tanker to understand what the actual road conditions are like.