Mr  PURCELL (Western Victoria) — My adjournment matter tonight is for the Minister for Roads and Road Safety. I do not think we have yet had enough of the discussion about roads in the south-west — even though we spent most of today on that topic — or even other issues in regard to the south-west. I thought I would take the opportunity to raise this matter, considering it may go off the boil after the election.

It has been a pleasure today to listen to the discussion of Mr Morris's motion 173 in regard to roads in the south-west and hear the newborn love for the south-west and enthusiasm around some of our particular issues, including Tower Hill — and it is great to see that there is such a support for funding signage and even some new toilets.

Today we have heard coalition members condemn the government for neglecting the regional road network. They have identified Myamyn-Macarthur Road and Portland-Nelson Road as two of these major roads. I totally agree that the south-west's roads are horrible, but that condition is not limited to those two roads. I condemn both the government and the opposition for their lack of funding for the road network in the south-west. Imagine the frustration in my region when you consider that we have the worst roads in the state — and that comes from VicRoads's own reports, which say $220 million is needed to bring them up to the condition of the roads in the rest of the state. This is the case even though the electorate of South-West Coast was represented by former Premier Napthine and the neighbouring electorate of Polwarth was represented by Mr Mulder as the former roads minister.

The frustration continues. The Labor government in its wisdom has decided to ignore western Victoria and not even run a candidate in either Polwarth or South-West Coast, which is an insult to western Victoria. If my constituents and I were the least bit cynical, we might think the current concentration on our region is due to the upcoming by-elections.

I ask the minister to do what the opposition did not and provide more money to upgrade roads in western Victoria. I also invite the minister to visit the south-west and take a ride in a milk tanker to see firsthand the effect that these horrid roads have in our community.