Adjournment: Bus connections for 4th train service to Warrnambool

Mr Previous DocumentPURCELLNext Document (Western Victoria) — My adjournment matter this evening is for the Minister for Public Transport, and it is regarding bus-train connections. Last year Public Transport Victoria engaged with stakeholders in Warrnambool, Colac and Portland as part of the Regional Network Development Plan. A direct outcome of the plan has been the announcement of a fourth daily return train service between Melbourne and Warrnambool. This was much welcomed by the community, and the increased frequency of train services will certainly help reduce overcrowding. I thank and congratulate the government for listening and responding to this feedback by instigating this fourth service.

Another piece of feedback in the community consultation process was the need for the bus service to be connected with the train which ends at Warrnambool. It is my understanding at this point in time that there is no intention to have a bus connect with the fourth daily train service, which terminates at Warrnambool. This will mean that the many passengers whose train journey terminates at Warrnambool and who would normally connect by bus to Koroit, Port Fairy, Portland, Heywood and eventually over the border to Mount Gambier will be left stranded in Warrnambool following this fourth service. This is a very busy train service. I therefore urge the minister to once again be proactive and ensure that a coach does connect with the fourth daily train service to Warrnambool.