Princes Highway west services 34 towns and 350,000 people. The Princes Highway West A1 Corridor Strategy reveals it has the highest accident rate in the state, particularly from Colac to Portland.

James Purcell, leader of independent party Vote 1 Local Jobs, is working with State and Commonwealth Governments to upgrade this 200 kilometre section of the Princes Highway to a Road of National importance and increase the number of passing lanes along this stretch from 14 to 50.

This has three benefits:

  • Provides regular and safe passing lanes along the entire road between Colac and Portland;
  • Upgrades the main arterial for industry transport between Portland and Melbourne;
  • Shows State and Federal Government commitment and infrastructure support to new industry in south west Victoria.


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This Petition of certain citizens of the State of Victoria draws to the attention of the Legislative Council that:

The Princes Highway A1 between Colac and Portland should be upgraded to a Road of National Importance, with funding allocated to increase passing lanes from 14 to 50 passing lanes.

We call on the Legislative Council to intervene in this situation and provide funding toward this worthwhile project.

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